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Hailed as one of the most reliable and service-oriented platforms for impeccable Astro-solutions, Shri Santbetra Ashoka is trailing the blaze in the field of astrology by offering Online Astrology Predictions, astrological services, Online Vedic Astrology Services across the globe, India, Horoscope predictions, and a variety of Astro-related services just to make your life easy to live with the blissful outcomes. Too much emphasis he lay upon the fact that what solution in astrology you get from us can reward you with happy and blissful living.

This is why when it comes to seeking Reliable Astrological Solution Services or Vedic Astrology Services anywhere in the world, we are the prime source for every inquisitive person. Choose our Online Astrology Consultation Service to find a peaceful solution to your problems stemming out of your financial, personal, or relationship status of your life.

Welcome to this virtual Astrology platform, where questions and problems related to astrology, are answered and solved by Shri Santbetra Ashoka. On this platform, you get to experience accurate answer and solution of your astro-related queries. Choose our astrological services from any given categories to make your life blissful

Solution To Marital Quandary With Love And Marriage Prospects

Best Marital Solutions To Unite With Your Partner In Forever Bliss

Choose our love horoscope report and marriage Horoscope Report that is designed to help you find meaningful solutions to any relationship that is going through difficult rough patches. If you have such a relationship that you want to fix up, our comprehensive Love and Marriage Prospects report can help you with what you should do to enjoy a blissful and peaceful marital union with your partner.

The horoscope consists of many key inputs, regarding planetary transits and their respective effects on your marital life. For instance, we can detect if malefic Saturn or Mars in your astrological house is the reason behind your troubled relationship with your spouse and provide you the accurate astrological remedies for love problem solutions.

Best Astro-Solution For Career Using Sudarshan Chakra Jyotish

emedial Solution For Career Get remedial solution for career or career problem solutions based on your Sudarshan Chakra Jyotish chart. Career remedies offered by Shri Santbetra Ashoka can be deemed potentially useful for your chosen career, in terms of bringing desired growth in it and helping you experience promotion and growth in salary and designation etc. Our Remedial Solutions for Career or Career Remedies involve deep study of your planets and their transits, plus consideration of other factors as per Vedic Astrology principles.

Counselling For Remedial Solutions For Personal or Family Issues

Live Better With Personal Remedies

Remedial Solutions for Personal Issues or Personal Remedies are designed to help you find meaningful and effective Astrological Solution in your personal life. If you are going through a difficult phase and want permanent solution to it through astrological course of personal remedies, we can help you. you will get personal solution based on the study of your personal horoscope and other factors.

Derive meaningful and satisfactory solution to your personal issues from our skilled astrological counselling to you. Shri Santbetra Ashoka is learned enough to discern what makes you suffer in your personal life; plus solutions he offers aiming to put an end to your grievances.

Daily Prediction

Being the best astrologer comes with great responsibility. Shri Santbetra Ashoka Ji decides to provide daily prediction service as a token of love.

Online Consultation

We have opened online consultation facility for those who cannot avail the service physically.

Our E-book

For your better understanding of astrology we are coming soon with E-books with visual effects.


world class famous astrologer.

He has a great insight and knowledge on this subject. I thoroughly respect him for guiding me in right direction on this path of life.

Shri Anurag Pratap Singh, Birmingham

Indepth n precise Predictions. most of them played the way he Foretold. i strongly recommend to take advise in cases, where u have to decide on one of the multiple paths avaliable. his advice , which is backed by his astrological knowledge, has been extremely helpful n steering my life boat n direction.

Shri Gajendra Chauhan

The predictions made by you for me proved to be absolutely true. Indeed, I would not believe it until those predictions actually happened to me and came true in my life. I personally experienced that your each and every prediction was accurate.

Shri Vivek Gaur ,

CEO & Co-Founder, Yepme
I have always believed in grit and determination but came across a stagnant point in my life. I already knew what was almost right for me but was scared to take the decision as such were the circumstances ( could not risk further). Sanbetra ji applied the prashan kundli technique and it came to my rescue. It really pushed me forward in the right direction. I am in a happy state now.

Sri Rajan Chopra



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