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Why Shri Santbetra Ashoka ji is the World Class Astrologer

Named as one of the top astrologers of India, he is the astrologer to the rich, Famous as well as masses. His articles were published in many newspaper agencies like Amar Ujala, Punjab Kesari, and many more.
A famous Jyotish of India has made several predictions in leading newspapers, leading News Channels( Zee News, News 24, Sudarshan News Channel etc , and on popular Youtube, Channels also( Dharm Gyan, Greh-Nakshatra, NMF News, and Akhand Manthan also), etc. An expert Vedic astrologer of India, he was initiated into astrology by his Father Santbetra Swami Gareeb Nath Ji Maharaj. He is specialized in remedial measures in astrology and palmistry. Late Shri Gareeb Nath Ji Maharaj blessed his son Shri Santbetra Ashoka Ji with the knowledge of Sudarshan Chakra Jyotish for the betterment of society and to help his followers to from problems related to Health, Career, Family, Business and Marriage, etc.

About Shri Santbetra Ashoka Ji

Shri Santbetra Ashoka is broadly educated in the occult science of astrology know as Best Astrologer. He carries more than 45 years of rich experience in the spiritual domain of Sudarshan Chakra Jyotish, Vedic astrology, Palmistry, spirituality, and allied science. He has carved out a notable niche in the art of accurate and precise Astrology Predictions.

Brought up and raised in a traditional Brahmin Sant family, Santbetra Ashoka Ji mastered astrology at a very young age. Today Shri Santbetra Ashoka Ji is a renowned Sudarshan Chakra astrological consultant offering astrology counseling and consultation for the last 35 years. Have an appointment with a world-famous Astrologer to talk in detail about the answer to your problem and due remedial measure also to perform.

"He believes everything happens for a reason," Born, July 30, 1957, in Dehra Dun, Uttaranchal, education Bsc Profession Scj Astro-Consultant have been worked as CEO, Head sales, VP & sales Officer in National /MNCs Organizations.

He is working on Sudershan Chakra Jyotish for the last 35 years & had gone through more than 56,000 horoscopes. His grandfather Swami Ramanand was a great spiritual luminary perhaps the best-known Saint of nineteenth-century India. He used to do Sher -Ki -Swari , was born on 3/2/1886 & known by the name Santbetra. He after a prolonged period of 12 years of intense austerity & meditation under a Budkhal Tree in Khunna Jungle where nobody dare to go was blessed by Lord Shiva with psychic Powers for the welfare of his followers. He was always in a meditation while treating the common masses.

Santbetra Swami Ramanand ji was blessed with two sons late Yogishwar Shiv Sharan & Late Yogishwar Swami Gareeb Nath ji Maharaj. Shri Santbetra Ashoka ji had committed with his devotee Poonch King Raja Baldev Singh for not to leave Behtra ,So he breath his last in 1950 & then our family moved to Dehra Dun.

Shri Santbetra Swami Ramanand Ji Transferred his all psychic powers to Swami Shiv Sharan & Yogiswar Gareeb Nath Ji Maharaj in great trans. Late Yogiswar Swami Gareeb Nath Ji Transferred his all psychics power along with the knowledge of Sudershan Chakra Jyotish to his Son Shri Santbetra Ashoka & advised me to transfer the same knowledge to my son.

Sudershan Chakra Jyotish (Unique in Universe) by Santbetra Ashoka (Scj) is a hidden knowledge. There is no scripture available on it. There are only 19 pages of literature available in the world on this subject. This knowledge spread by word of mouth only, So far only three orbits description is available on Sudershan Chakra Jyotish whereas there are 14 orbits in it. THE KNOWLEDGE OF 14 CHAKRAS & COMPARATIVE STUDY OF NINE PLANETS IN 168 HOUSES IS UNIQUE IN UNIVERSE.

Daily Prediction

Being the best astrologer comes with great responsibility. Shri Santbetra Ashoka Ji decides to provide daily prediction service as a token of love.

Online Consultation

We have opened online consultation facility for those who cannot avail the service physically.

Our E-book

For your better understanding of astrology we are coming soon with E-books with visual effects.


world class famous astrologer.

He has a great insight and knowledge on this subject. I thoroughly respect him for guiding me in right direction on this path of life.

Shri Anurag Pratap Singh, Birmingham

In-depth n precise Predictions. most of them played the way he Foretold. I strongly recommend to take advice in cases, where u have to decide on one of the multiple paths available. his advice, which is backed by his astrological knowledge, has been extremely helpful n steering my lifeboat n the direction.

Shri Gajendra Chauhan

The predictions made by you for me proved to be absolutely true. Indeed, I would not believe it until those predictions actually happened to me and came true in my life. I personally experienced that your each and every prediction was accurate.

Shri Vivek Gaur ,

CEO & Co-Founder, Yepme
I have always believed in grit and determination but came across a stagnant point in my life. I already knew what was almost right for me but was scared to take the decision as such were the circumstances ( could not risk further). Sanbetra ji applied the prashan kundli technique and it came to my rescue. It really pushed me forward in the right direction. I am in a happy state now.

Sri Rajan Chopra



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